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The S&S single bore tuned induction system is cool looking and delivers a healthy boost in midrange torque. Peak horsepower is also increased. The tuned runner system makes even more horsepower than an S&S teardrop air cleaner. Performance increases are across the board for stock and big inch engines alike. The heart of the single bore tuned induction system is the dual runner, two-into-one intake. The tuned runners are very similar in appearance to the dual runner intake for our dual bore induction system, but the design allows for more flexibility. Instead of bolting directly to a throttle body, the runners of the single bore induction join together in a smooth, flow enhancing curve and the unit bolts to an adapter bracket. A variety of adapter brackets make it compatible with lot of different engine styles. Kits are actually composed of two kits: one with the induction runners and filter, the other woth the adapter bracket, breather and required hardware.


Single Bore Tuned Induction Systems. Includes tuned runners and red filters, adapter bracket kit must be ordered separately.
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
740454 Chrome $718.12
Adapter Bracket Kits for S&S Single Bore Tuned Induction Systems
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
750893 Fits S&S X-Wedge engines $692.69
Parts and accessories
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
751348 Water repellent filter covers, pair $220.22
750979 Optional blue filter element, each $142.83
750978 Replacement red filter element, each $142.83

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