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Riding a Cafe-Racer, a high revving High-Performance motor or a Big Bore and Stroked monster motor, this light will stop you braking your motor from over-revving or late shifting. The Pro-Shift light operates independently of your tachometer and will work with either Dual or Single Fire ignition systems (will not work with Magneto induction). A bright amber light lights up when the engine RPM reaches the pre-determined point. The shift point is determined by inserting a calibrated RPM "Pill" module into the unit. These "Pill" modules are available in a "Pill" kit containing 5 pills with a 200 RPM increments.


Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
239573 Mounting bracket $149.00 $44.17
"Pill" Kits (5 per kit)
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
239570 "Pill" kit, contains 7000, 7200, 7400, 7600, 7800 RPM pill $149.40 $49.19

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