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Fuel maps, like stock or any custom performance map are made by people. They represent the best guess of a person. For the first time ever Tier1Tuner advanced the technology to require no human interactions. Using the bikes own Inertia VS Acceleration as the "dyno" and Tier's patented technology as the operator this unit empirically tests every performance squirt of fuel and delivers a measurement guaranteed to make your bike perform better. Instead of having to work with just one or two fuel values to cover a 500 rpm range you can now have 10 to 20 fuel values optimizing the same 500 rpm range, all in real time under your real life driving conditions. The Tier1Tuner unit will add a "closed loop" control system to your current fuel injection system while it is in performance mode. The unit adjusts fuel while receiving feedback from the engine's acceleration in Real Time/Real Life. The fuel is changed to whatever is needed to optimize the engine's acceleration while in performance mode. The Tier1Tuner can also further improve the acceleration and performance of an already tuned bike.


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753762 Fits 2017 Victory Octane $795.28
753763 Fits 2008-2017 Victory 100CI and 106CI models $795.28

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