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These Dyna ignitions are designed for use on all carburetor equipped models and replace the factory electronic ignition with its external module. Can also be used to convert point triggered ignition systems when used in combination with our trigger rotor (ZPN172061). The Dyna 2000iP is completely self-contained. The entire unit hides under the cam cover for a clean look and will operate in all combinations of Single Fire or Dual Fire with Single Plug or Dual Plug heads when you use the appropriate coils. To allow easier cranking and kicking in Dual Fire mode, the Dyna 2000iP will operate as a Single Fire system when starting the engine. All functions are programmable with the dipswitches on the unit, or on a PC using Dyna's separately available programming kit, which also gives you access to the data recording facilities.

More features are:

•10 Selectable advance curves to cover a broad range of engine builds and riding styles
•Engine over-rev protection adjustable from 6.000 to 7.500 rpm.
•Adjustable timing retard for nitrous and turbo applications
•VOES indicator allows you to tell at a glance the status of the VOES switch
•Built-in Tach driver can be used to activate shift light, auto-shifters and other accessories
•Designed to work with any Dual Fire tachometer in both Single Fire and Dual Fire mode
•Easy static timing with built in timing indicator
•Intelligent over-current and short-circuit protection
•Active dwell control
•Over-voltage protected against momentary spikes

PC Programmable options are:

•8 point fully definable wide open throttle curve
•8 point fully definable part throttle curve
•Rev limiter programmable in 50 RPM steps
•Programmable from 0 to 5 dead cranking revs for easier starting
•Rear cylinder offset from -10 to +10 degrees
•Security Lock Out
•Single or Dual fire

Data recording options:

•Total engine hours
•Time wide open throttle
•Longest time operating at wide open throttle
•Maximum RPM
•Seconds near REV limit
•Number of engine starts

The Dyna 2000iP is available as a module only that can be used in combination with the 3 Ohm coil(s) of your choice as well as the stock Harley coil or as a complete kit, including top-quality Dyna coils for almost any application.



Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
730587 Dyna 2000iP module only $666.96
Kits for Dual Fire applications
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
730651 Dyna 2000iP module with one Dyna DC6-1 coil (ZPN 232292) for Dual Fire/Single plug application $891.09
730654 Dyna 2000iP module with two Dyna DC2-1 (ZPN 232287) coils for Dual Fire/Dual Plug application $1,077.83
Kits for Single Fire applications
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
730584 Dyna 2000iP module with one Dyna DC6-5 coil (ZPN232250) for Single Fire/Single Plug $1,051.95
730652 Dyna 2000iP module with two Dyna DC3-1 (ZPN232286) coils for Single Fire/Single Plug application $1,077.83
730653 Dyna 2000iP module with two Dyna DC1-1 coils (ZPN 232288) for Single Fire/Dual Plug application $1,077.81
730592 Programming kit with software CD for Windows PC's with RS-232 port, includes module connector cable ZPN730671 $406.38
232590 Programming kit with software CD for Windows PC's with USB port, does not include module connector cable ZPN730671 $245.44
730671 Module connector cable $88.89

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